Using the weather to inform urban planning!

On 11 June 2020, SOLIDEO signed a framework agreement for collaboration with Météo-France, for support in the implementation of the Olympic venues and infrastructures, and more particularly the Athletes’ Village. The goal of this partnership? To create buildings that are resilient and adapt to climate change, at a time when there is predicted to be an increase, lengthening and intensification of heat waves.
In order to do this, Météo-France will provide their expertise for the heritage phase in order to help SOLIDEO to achieve their environmental objectives as well as urban thermal comfort.

For example, the collaboration will include:
– Supplying meteorological data and carrying out climatic analysis for present and future climates, including heat islands;
– The implementation or support in deploying meteorological stations at the various sites under SOLIDEO’s project management;
– The development of innovative research projects on the urban climate by the National Meteorological Research Centre, in partnership with the international academic community specialising in the urban climate.

The data collected will also enable climate simulations to be carried out by 2050 to achieve a resilient infrastructure, as Antoine du Souich, SOLIDEO’s Director of Strategy and Innovation explained, “One of SOLIDEO’s expectations for this partnership is to carry out DTS (Dynamic Thermal Simulation) analysis for the current climate and the climate of 2050 (average and heatwave). »

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