The teams are mobilised to give a second life to the materials!

The dismantling work on the Athletes’ Village site is advancing at a great pace! In mid-January, the Prodemo-Occamat-IDF Démolition group teams began to clear the buildings located at Rue Jean Martin and Rue Nicolau in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. This phase consisted of carefully removing and separating the components of the buildings in order to better reuse or recycle them. The red bricks from some of the façades and most of the construction concrete will be crushed, for example, and will make up part of the substrate for the Athletes’ Village public spaces.

Ahead of these operations, the Hysplex consortium (made up of’Une autre ville, Amoès, Elioth et Trans-Faire as well as Neo-Eco and Cycle Up) supported SOLIDEO to define objectives for reusing materials from the dismantling process. The completion of diagnostics and surveys made it possible to identify and classify all the resources available for each building.

The start-up Backacia, specialising in reuse, implements material recovery solutions. Via its digital platform, it sells elements from dismantled buildings and supports professionals in the construction industry during the process of marketing them. To do this, they implement a reuse methodology with clearing companies, undertake operational support for recoveries and traceability of materials and carry out an economic and environmental assessment of the elements to communicate to purchasers.

Thanks to this initiative, most of the materials (flooring, carpentry, partitions, false ceiling tiles, sanitary or electrical equipment, etc.) and furniture present on the construction site are guaranteed to find a second life. The goal is to respond to the objective fixed by SOLIDEO, and shared by the companies responsible for the work, to recover at least 80% of the “waste” generated by the work site.


© SOLIDEO / Sennse – C. Badet

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