The Media Village construction in two phases

The Media Village project

From 2025, the Village will become a new neighbourhood of the town, near to the countryside and able to accommodate around 4,000 inhabitants. The new neighbourhood will offer its future inhabitants various facilities: 1 tram station , 1 school complex, 1 sports hall, 1 nursery, 1 health centre, 1,000 m² of shops to meet daily needs, and more.

The housing has been designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and affordable, to create a residential area for all household types.
The development of the landscape in the proposal chosen will ensure continuity with the City garden feel that will be brought to Dugny town centre and the Georges Valbon park, which is very close to the new neighbourhood.

The Village is made up of two sectors divided into sub-sectors:

  • A, B and C for the “Aire des Vents” sector
  • D for the “Plateau” sector

The revised phasing of the project

It was decided by the French State, along with the local authorities, that the development of the neighbourhood should be carried out in 2 phases, rather than delivering all the buildings before summer 2024. This reorganisation makes it possible to secure the project and to spread its realisation over time.

  • For summer 2024: more than 700 housing units, for families and managed accommodation, as well as shops and services in plots A and D, to meet the immediate needs of the journalists and technicians from the media, hosted for the Games and, after 2024, will meet local needs of inhabitants. The public facilities (school complex and sports hall) will also be delivered during this first phase;
  • In 2025, during the heritage phase: around 600 new housing units and accommodation will complete the first phase to create the new neighbourhood of Dugny.


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