The Media Village: an update on the future neighbourhood


A Media Village for 2024, a neighbourhood for everyone from 2025

Located in the commune of Dugny in Seine-Saint-Denis, during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games the Media Village will host around 4,000 journalists from all over the world. From 2025, it will become a new neighbourhood in the town, with homes, local shops, schools and sports facilities.

An opportunity to reconnect different areas

The Media Cluster includes 3 major developments:

  • The Media Village in the commune of Dugny,
  • The Terrain des Essences in the commune of La Courneuve,
  • The sports park and the school complex in the commune of Le Bourget.

By creating this new continuity between the towns, and especially with the urban walkway over the A1 linking Dugny and Le Bourget, the new entrance ways to the Parc Georges Valbon and the Aire des Vents, and renewing the facilities, the Media Cluster will provide new perspectives to current inhabitants, while also bringing in new inhabitants and employees.

Public spaces to encourage walking, cycling and jogging will be increased and linked up. Development choices will also permanently ensure the presence of nature and vegetation all over the neighbourhood and will favour eco-friendly mobility.

The construction schedule for the Media Village:

Launch of work sites: 3rd quarter of 2021


© TVK-SOLIDEO / image: Luxigon

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