The construction site in October

In October, preparatory work continued in the Athletes’ Village:

  • In Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, the dismantling work will continue until the end of the year with the buildings located at 13 & 14 rue Nicolau (formerly occupied by Fauchon & Pleyel City Beast) as well as a kiosk along the RD1 road. Download the work info here.
  • In Saint-Denis, two new access points have been created for the construction site along the RD1 and a traffic controller was stationed at Rue Volta to secure the site entrances and exits. At the end of October, occasional work is also planned in the Universeine Sector to make trenches for the heating system. Download the work infohere.
  • In the Ampère sector network connections in Rue Saint-Denis may cause traffic congestion at the Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Nicolau crossroads. Download the work infohere.

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