Yves-du-Manoir departmental stadium

The Yves-du-Manoir departmental stadium, historic stadium of the 1924 Olympic Games, will be renovated for the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The building has considerably aged (corrosion of the metal structures, cracks, etc.) and needs to be renovated to meet safety regualtions.

A new building and new training grounds will also be built, which will become the “Espace Héritage Hockey”, the headquarters and high-level training centre of the French Hockey Federation (FFH). It will host national and international field hockey competitions and will be used as a training and development centre for high-level hockey in France.

Two “legacy” projects under the contracting authority of the Conseil départemental 92 are therefore planned for the site :

  • A General Public Performance Contract (GPPC) project for the grounds and buildings of the hockey legacy zone : this involves the works and developments necessary for the permanent establishment of the French Field Hockey Federation. In addition, the Conseil Départemental 92 is taking advantage of this opportunity to couple the “heritage” project with a project to improve and reorganise the entire site in order to improve the services offered to users.
  • • A project under the ‘MOP’ legislation for the demolition/renovation part of the honor stand : it will involve bringing the main stand into compliance and renovating its interior, with the demolition of the two northern and southern curves and the Loury gymnasium.




Signature of the Agreement of Objectives: 4th July 2019


GPPC project:

October 2019: choice of selected candidates

December 2020: MPGP award

2021: design studies

February 2022: start of works

December 2023: completion of works


MOP project:

June to April 2020: project managers applications and bids into MOP

April 2020 to February 2021: project managers studies

April 2021: obtention of demolition permit

October 2021: award of works contracts

October 2021: start of works


Contracting authority: Conseil Départemental 92


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