The Roucas-Blanc Marina, Marseille

The Roucas Blanc Marina must meet the the International Olympic Committee standards for the organisation of Olympic sailing events. To this end, the existing nautical stadium will be redeveloped to host the Olympic events, as well as nautical activities for the benefit of the public and the athletes of the French sailing clubs.
The site will be freed from its regular functions for the duration of the Games in order to host the event.
After the Games, the Roucas Blanc harbour will remain a major nautical site for the city of Marseille. As such, the dynamics of sport and events will intensify as Marseille becomes more prominent on the international nautical scene.

The redevelopment of the marina will:

  • Improve accessibility to the site and the perception of the various activities through a better understanding of the organisation and flows;
  • Improve the quality of the sports facilities;
  • Share resources between activities and stakeholders, with maximum versatility to swap easily from a routine operation to an event organisation;
  • Increase reception capacity

To note: maritime works carried out in and around the basin will also contribute to the improved functioning of the entire marina by improving :

  • To increase the reception capacity;
  • And finally, to reduce the phenomenon of silting.




December 2020: award of the design and build contract

November 2021: start of land-based works

2nd half of 2023: completion of land-based works

April 2024: delivery of the works to Paris 2024

September 2024: handover of the works to the City of Marseille


Contracting authority: City of Marseille


Budget: €25 million excluding tax

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