Pooled base for the benefit of the prefecture police

In order to strengthen security in the communes of Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine as well as increasing the police and emergency service’s response capacity in the two towns, on behalf of the Préfecture de Police de Paris, SOLIDEO will develop a building in Saint-Denis that is immediately next to the Athletes’ Village on the edge of Quai de Saint-Ouen. This construction will include a fire station, a training centre for young fire-fighters and an operational base for river interventions in the western Paris area.
During the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this building will also be used for the Village’s security, by strengthening the presence of specific units necessary for the smooth running of this international event.

– Provisional notification of the project management tender and preliminary design procedure: October 2020
– Filing of the building permit: May 2021
– Call for tenders for the work: September 2021
– Launch of the “Olympic phase” work: March 2022
– Deliver of “Olympic phase”: March 2024
– Launch of “Heritage phase” work: November 2024
– End of “Heritage phase” work: February 2025.

Total Budget: €15.5M excl. tax supported up to 66% by SOLIDEO and 34% by the Préfecture de Police.

Project owner: SOLIDEO
Project management: to be awarded // Tender phase

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