Media Village – Plateau sector

The Media Village in Dugny is divided into two sectors : the Aire des Vents sector and the Plateau sector. The real estate projects and the winning groups in charge of their implementation will be designated at the end of 2020. The Plateau sector represents a surface area of approximately 29,500m2, including:

  • 28,500 m² of housing
  • 1,000 m² of shops



2020: designation of the winners

2021: preparatory works

2022: construction works

2024: delivery of the new district and the Olympic and Paralympic Games

2025: completion works of public spaces


Contracting authority: SOLIDEO

Project managers: TVK (mandatary); Base; OLM; Urban-Eco; Sephia; IGREC; C&E Ingénierie; RR&A; Accéo; Ville Ouverte; Duval Conseil; ON; B-Headroom



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