Marville Aquatic Center

The Marville aquatic center of sports park, located in Saint-Denis, will serve a dual purpose: it will host water polo training during the Paris 2024 Games, but above all it will be used by schoolchildren and local residents after the event, during the “legacy” phase. It will house indoor and outdoor pools as well as a wellness, balneotherapy and fitness area, making it a place open to all uses.

The new aquatic center will replace the current pool, opened in 1975 in the Marville Departmental Sports Park, and will also strengthen the area’s aquatic infrastructure offer.



February 2022: start of works

December 2023: delivery of the pool

January 2024: start of operations

July 26 to August 11, 2024: Olympic Games

September 2024: Opening of the pool to the general public


Contracting authority: Conseil Départemental 93


Total budget: €30.5 million

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