Lycée Marcel Cachin

The Lycée Marcel Cachin is one of two secondary schools in the town of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. From September 2023, it will have space for 1,200 pupils. The reconstruction of the school on its current site over a total surface area of 11,500 m² will also allow for a new Documentation and Information Centre of 500 m² (186 m² today), a new multi-purpose room to accommodate 150 people, the redevelopment of around 250 m² of staff rooms for the teachers and 150 m² social space for the students, an extension of the dining area, and the creation of a sports hall and an exterior sports field.




November 2019: dismantling of the building adjacent to the lycée

2020: installation of a temporary school building on the plot that was cleared

March 2020: works begin

September 2023: commissioning of the new school complex


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