Ile-des-Vannes Sports Complex

Located at the southern end of L’Île-Saint-Denis, the Ile des Vannes Sports Complex is currently closed and require renovation. The Grande Nef, a building listed in thesupplementary inventory of French historical monuments, is a multi-purpose hall that used to host various sports and cultural activities.

This complex, and more particularly the Grande Nef and the athleticism track, will be used as training sites for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These facilities, owned by the City of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, will host boxing, boccia, athletics and para-athleticism respectively.

The SOLIDEO will carry out a rehabilitation programme to host the Games and then reopen its doors to local sports practices : restoration of the current facilities, upgrading to meet standards, particularly for accessibility, and the construction of new floorboards.



April 2022: start of the works

February 2024: end of works

Contracting authority: SOLIDEO

Budget: €12.5m

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