Development of the secondary arm of the Seine

The main arm of the Seine will be closed to navigation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The navigation conditions on the secondary arm (Gennevilliers arm) will therefore be improved to allow navigation. The main arm will also be used to support activities during the Games.

This operation to make the Gennevilliers arm navigable requires three operations : dragging* of the Seine, setting up a navigation alternator and moving stationary boats. These operations involve in particular the creation of parking areas for more than one month for houseboats and the installation of waiting berths for industrial convoys.

These works will also enable the sustainability of logistics (particularly the waiting berths) in order to meet the ambition of increasing the share of river traffic in the Greater Paris construction sites.



October 2022: start of dragging works

January 2023: start of works on the alternating stations

June 2024: completion of maintenance dragging works


Contracting authority: Voies Navigables de France (VNF)

Budget: €15 million


* Dragging: operation consisting in extracting the materials located at the bottom of the river.

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