Development of the Saint-Denis Canal

The Saint-Denis Canal is 6.6 km long and connects the Ourcq Canal in the 19th arrondissement of Paris to the Seine. Development work will be carried out in order to enhance its surroundings and integrate into the urban landscape:

  • Development of the right bank: reinforcing and highlighting the assets of the canal
  • Securing the pedestrian and bicycle paths along the RD24 and ensuring a continuous route on the left bank of the Canal from the Pont de Stains to the intersection with the RD30
  • Improvements to the left bank at the Cornillon curve: from the Francs Moisins Bridge to the footbridge linking the access of line 13 to the Stade de France
  • Pierre Larousse crossing : linking the two banks of the canal at lock no. 2 to ensure a north/south continuity on the banks for active modes.
  • Improvement of the Francs Moisins mobile bridge : operation and reliability of the structure




March 2019: call for applications for the Pierre Larousse innovation partnership

Horizon 2020: Cornillon curve works

Horizon 2021: left bank works

Horizon mid 2021: right bank works

October 2022: Pierre Larousse crossing works


Contracting authority: EPT Plaine commune


Budget: €13.3M

©Plaine Commune – Florian Gernan

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