Arena Porte de la Chapelle

The Arena will be a sports facility located at Porte de la Chapelle (18th arrondissement) in the heart of the Gare des Mines-Fillettes Urban Development Zone, and is a project managed by the City of Paris.

During the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Arena II will host the badminton events (Olympics), as well as the para-taekwondo and para-badminton events (Paralympics).

After the Games, the facility will host national and international sports competitions as well as being home to the Paris Basketball Club, and will be used for other events (concerts and shows for the general public, economic events). It will also be open for local clubs and local residents who will be able to practise a sporting activity in the two sports halls.


The Arena will be made up of:

  • 1 main hall with all the facilities of a modern Arena and a capacity for 8,000 spectators seated in basketball layout and a maximum of 9,000 seated/standing places in concert layout;
  • 1 hall with a 44 x 24 m playing area and related facilities;
  • 1 hall with a 44 x 24 m playing area and 750 tiered seats and related facilities;
  • 1 additional programme of 2,600 m² dedicated to local leisure and shops
  • 1 car park with 200 spaces for light vehicles and 200 places for motorised 2-wheel transport;
  • Premises for a resident high-level club;



December 2019: plan for creation and implementation of the Urban Development Zone

June 2020: awarding of the design contract to the consortium led by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France and the architectural agencies SCAU and NP2F.

Since February 2019: preparatory work takes place (demolition, decontamination, archaeology)

Summer 2021: construction work begins

June 2023: construction work ends

April 2024: Arena is accessible for Paris 2024

September 2024: end of exclusive access to Arena by Paris 2024


Project Owner: City of Paris

Budget: €98M (excl. tax) 2020 value

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