Media Village: the selection of real estate operator consortia

On 7 October 2020, the Commission came together to rank the tenders from the real estate operators prior to the selection of consortia for the allocation of the sectors “Aire des Vents” and “Plateau” in the Media Village located in Dugny. This ranking focused not only on financial and legal aspects, but the environmental ambitions of each project, their architectural and landscaping quality, their programming and their operational organisation (timing and phasing of the project, logistics, etc.). This ranking will be proposed for validation to SOLIDEO’s Board of Directors on 13 October and approved definitively.


The winning projects

The urban planning project of the Media Cluster has been entrusted to the international architecture and urban planning agency TVK, in charge of project management alongside: OLM, BASE, Urban Eco, Sephia, Igrec, C&E, RR&A, ACCEO, Ville Ouverte, Duval Conseil, ON, B-Headroom. The projects ranked first in each sector are as follows:

Aire des Vents Sector:

The landscape project led by the Sogeprom / Demathieu & Bard Immobilier consortium (aerial perspective)
Coordinating architects: Hardel Lebihan (A), MGAU (B-C); Architects: Bourbouze Graindorge, Bathilde Millet, Bartolo Contré, ITAR, NRA; Landscape designers: D’Ici Là, Sébastien SOSSON.

Project video presentation

Plateau Sector:

The Manifesto project led by the Ametis / Ideom / Gaïa Promotion consortium (ground perspective)
Coordinating architect: ANYOJI BELTRANDO; Architects: Atelier RAUM (Julien Perraud), Vincent Lavergne architecture in collaboration with CIGUË; Landscape designer: Altitude 35

Project video presentation


The overall phasing of the project has been reworked in liaison with the State and local authorities. The development of the Media Village will therefore take place in two stages, with the first part of the project delivered in 2024 (around 700 residential units as well as shops and public facilities) and the second after the Games (around 600 residential units and shops). To find out more about the new project phasing, read our article.

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