Media Cluster

Located in the municipalities of Dugny, Le Bourget and La Courneuve, the Media Cluster will host journalists from all over the world during the Games, and will provide the venue for the climbing and shooting events as well as various training sites.

Afterwards, there will be a new neighbourhood in Dugny, a new vegetated area in the Georges Valbon Park in La Courneuve and a new sports and school centre in Le Bourget. All of these will be subtly integrated into an exceptional environment, thus creating a link between the local municipalities.

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The Media Cluster in 2025

Located less than 30 minutes from Paris, near the Le Bourget RER B station and the T11 Dugny-La Courneuve tram station, and thanks to the future arrival of the planned lines 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express, the Media Cluster will be a unique urban development embodying the city-garden of the 21st century.

It is designed around 3 major developments

The Media Village
A new neighbourhood in Dugny comprising of housing, local shops, commercial activities and facilities.

The Terrain des Essences
A planned area for biodiversity, creating a new entrance and an extension of almost 13 hectares to the Georges Valbon Park in the municipality of La Courneuve.

The reconfiguration of the Le Bourget sports and school center
with high-quality landscaping and updated facilities meeting users’ needs.


Designed to be the City-Garden of the 21st century, the Media Cluster will act as a link between areas


The Media Cluster will also be an opportunity to better connect areas through :

• A new urban footbridge over the A1 dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians;

• Easy connections to main transport hubs: Le Bourget railway station (RER B and lines 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express) and the tram line T11 station at Dugny-La Courneuve;

• New pedestrian and cycle links.




In Figures


In Dugny

• Around 1,300 family housing units, 20% of which are social housing, as well as managed residences.

• 1,000 m² of shops and local services

• 1 nursery school and 1 primary school for a total of 16 classes

• 1 gymnasium

• Economic activities (Medium-sized businesses)

At La Courneuve

• About 13 additional hectares for the Georges Valbon Park with the revegetation of the “Terrain des essences”.

In Le Bourget

• The reconstruction of the Jean Jaurès school group by the city of Le Bourget with two elementary schools (nursery and primary classes) with 14 and 17 classes respectively.

• Renovation of the sports park with new infrastructure:
– 1 gymnasium
– 2 soccer fields
– 1 athletics track
– 7 tennis courts and 1 club house
– 1 ball game pitch (indoor and outdoor)
– Free practice areas and street sports equipment
– 1 playground

– 1 swimming-pool built by the city of Le Bourget


The Cluster during the Games

During the Games, the Media Cluster will be organised around 3 centres in the immediate vicinity of the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, where the main media centre will be temporarily located:

The Media Village
Place of residence of 2,800 technicians and journalists during the Games.

The shooting range
Located in The Terrain des essences, it will host the competitions of shooting and paralympic shooting during the Games.

The Climbing Wall
Located in the heart of Le Bourget’s sports park, it will host the climbing competitions. More than 6,000 spectators are expected.

The Bourget Exhibition Centre

Nearly 25,000 journalists from all over the world will inform the world about the Games from Le Bourget Exhibition Center, which will be transformed into the main media centre for the occasion.

Designers: TVK – representative; Base; OLM; Urban-Eco; Sephia; IGREC; C&E Engineering; RR&A; Accéo; Open City; Duval Conseil; ON; B-Headroom

On the horizon of the Games

More than 700 family homes and managed residences on lots A and D will be delivered in the first phase. The public facilities planned and required for the area will be built: the Dugny school complex, the Dugny gymnasium (financed by the State, off balance sheet for the development operation) but also a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the A1 freeway, the development of the Essences site at La Courneuve and the development of the Le Bourget Sports Park.

As a legacy of the Games

Around 600 housing units and residences will be delivered, a VSE/SME/Crafts business park on the Chimirec right-of-way in Dugny will be created, and the public facilities programme will be completed.


The project in Images

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Credits: TVK-My Lucky Pixel - L’œil du Pigeon

Actors of the project


  • 2019

    Project development

  • 2020

    Site preparation

    Several months are needed to deconstruct certain buildings and prepare the land for future construction.

  • 2021-2023

    Construction work

    Public spaces



  • 2024

    Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • 2025

    Completion of public spaces