The first work site is launched!

The beginning of November will see the start of the 1st Athletes’ Village works site. Although this site is “small” in terms of the size of the building being taken down, it marks the launch of the whole project!

With the launch of the Athletes’ Village development, a new era is beginning. Several years of work lie ahead on the vision that lies behind the Village that will initially be dedicated to the Games, but then will include a new neighbourhood with housing, schools, sporting facilities, nurseries, shops, services and green spaces.

The constructions for the Athletes’ Village will not begin before the third quarter of 2021. First, a dismantling and preparation stage is necessary on the site.

In Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, the first work will begin on 4th November 2019 at 7-9 rue Marcel Cachin. The building, currently occupied by the company SADE, will be dismantled, freeing up a right of way that is essential both for the development of the Village and the redevelopment of Marcel Cachin College.

Download the Athletes Village news #1.

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