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From 27 November 2019 to 14 January 2020: participate in the electronic public vote (PPVE) as part of the environmental authorisation application.


The assessment of the environmental authorisation application, coordinated by the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis, requires the organisation of an electronic public vote (PPVE) to allow the public to remain informed and to give their opinion. This voting process takes place from Wednesday 27 November 2019 to Saturday 14 January 2020.

Why this new voting phase?

Following consultation and a public inquiry in 2018 and 2019, the projects of the Olympic and Paralympic Village and the Seine crossing between Saint-Denis and L’Île-Saint-Denis are subject to an electronic public vote (PPVE) as part of the environmental authorisation application. This authorisation is necessary before any work can start, and it includes the provisions relating to water in accordance with article L.214-3 of the Environmental Code.

How is this “PPVE” phase different from the usual procedures?

Since the projects are a component of the Athletes’ Village, the provisions of article 9 of the law of 26 March 2018 relating to the organisation of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games apply. Article 9 allows for the use of a specific voting procedure to be used organised under the guidance of the CNDP (French National Commission for Public Debate). This procedure offers a guarantee to all for access and participation, while taking place entirely by electronic means.

What is the role of the guarantors?

Two guarantors were named on 4 September 2019, by the CNDP to support the “PPVE” process: Mrs Sylvie DENIS-DINTILHAC and Mr Jean-Louis LAURE. At the end of the phase, the guarantors will write a summary of the public’s proposals and answers for the project manager. This summary is taken into consideration by the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis before issuing an opinion on the actions to be taken on the projects.

How do I find out more and vote?

Online, on a dedicated platform, by clicking here.

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