Change is in the air in Seine-Saint-Denis!

The high voltage lines above the perimeter of the new Athletes’ Village and the commune of Villeneuve-la-Garenne will soon be a thing of the past. To this end, RTE (the electricity transport network) is leading a huge project: since last April, they have been digging a 50-m deep concrete well, ready for the creation of a tunnel along the Seine towards the north over 2.5 kilometres, up to the electrical transformer located near Fort de la Briche. The four high voltage lines that feed the equivalent of 800,000 homes in Ile de France will then be rolled out. It is only once the new lines are connected to the power grid that the 27 current pylons – six of which are located on the land where the Athletes’ Village is located – can be removed.

The proposal by companies within the consortium to recover 75% of the waste material is in line with ambitions set by SOLIDEO for the reuse of waste generated by the construction sites. The waste will therefore be used to fill quarries in Île-de-France and for landscaping work.

This project work, under the project management of RTE and supervised by SOLIDEO, are carried out by the consortium made up of Spie Batignolles – Génie civil, Spie Batignolles – Fondations, Spac and Setec TPI.


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